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The cover of SeXXXperience-The Book has Hotwife Taylor in a sexy black dress as it's  unzipped

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 SeXXXperience™ is the shocking, vivid memoir of Taylor and Gabe (TnG) – a sexy, accomplished provider couple with years of experience in the Lifestyle, as well as the escort and adult film industries. Through candid and colorful reflections, this alluring, one-of-a-kind couple opens the door wide to the mysterious, fascinating, and erotic worlds of swinging and sex work. Never glossing over events, Taylor and Gabe unleash dark skeletons from their past to reveal how they met, fell in love, and began their journey down a road few couples will ever travel. In this sometimes cynical, often humorous, and always honest narrative, Taylor and Gabe reveal how they got started in the Lifestyle, then plunged into escorting, and finally into making adult films, always together, as a couple. Yet SeXXXperience™ isn't merely a naughty, outrageous tell-all about the Lifestyle and sex work. Far from it. It's also a compelling personal journal about the true love and marriage of a couple who have somehow managed to grow stronger and closer as they’ve faced and overcome more complicated sexual and emotional hurdles than most others could ever fathom. Below the surface of the many humorous, stimulating, and provocative vignettes lies possibly the most unique and captivating love story ever told. Sexxxperience™ is a book that will keep any reader on the edge of their seat, while offering practical advice that every couple hoping to strengthen and enhance their relationship would be wise to follow. 

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