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What is a Hotwife Anyway????

Because EDUCATION is the Key....

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Are you hot for teacher???? I've partnered with SDC, the World's Best Swinger Website to help educate all about a sex positive relationship!! I'm also here to entertain all of your naughty curiosities about what it's like to be in a relationship that engages in consensual non-monogamy. What's that??? You'll learn soon. More specifically, how my incredibly satisfying marriage thrives on me and my husbands adventures in swinging, escorting and porn. Well, a Hotwife Lifestyle and how all that actually enhances our marriage. And yes, we're porn stars; my husband and best friend/partner in crime, Gabe, produces most of my porn. Oh yeah, and we wrote a tell-all memoir, SeXXXperience, to prove it!! Still curious?? Through videos and Q+A, I can't wait for you to learn and see MORE about  my insanely hot yet beautifully romantic  HOTWIFE LIFESTYLE!!! 


Hotwife Taylor Leigh has a podcast on all about swinging and hotwifing.

So you say you want to be a Hotwife

What's a Hotwife

A wife that's hot? 

No, kids. It's a LIFESTYLE!!!!


Hotwife Taylor Leigh is sexy with a pink 69 jersey that says Hotwife. Learn more about hotwifing

My husband and I have cracked the code

 to our marriage by living the 

Hotwife Lifestyle. Stay tuned for more 

informational and 

inspirational interaction and

videos on all things HOTWIFE!