Read Before Booking!


STOP!  I love making new friends, but I independently screen for my safety.  If you're uncomfortable sharing personal information for screening, DO NOT contact me.  I will never negotiate this requirement.  

To request an appointment with me, or to be pre-screened for a future appointment, please complete the contact form below.  This begins the screening process.  I only discuss specifics (packages and rates) once this is complete. 

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your desires!  

Contact Me

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Hotwife Taylor Leigh


I'd be more than happy to correspond with you AFTER you've been screened. 

NYC May 13th and TOURING CROATIA and VENICE 15-23rd!!

Upcumming Tours

  • Through May 12: KC
  • May 14-24: ITALY, CROATIA
  • May 28-31: DALLAS
  • Early June: MINNEAPOLIS
  • June 17-18: DALLAS
  • June 19-20: RALEIGH
  • June 21-23: WILMINGTON, NC 
  • June 25-27: KANSAS CITY
  • July 1-31: DALLAS (Permanently Relocated to the Big D)